Singing Soul Testimonials

“I knew that I needed help with my voice, but what I didn’t realize is that I needed help just saying anything out loud! I usually go about my business in silence. Taking the Naked Voice class with Rebecca helped me to open up to myself and sing my thoughts at times, practice talking out loud for interviews, and to sound out loud in front of others in the class. There seemed to be an opening of my inner self: dreams became more vivid, and my intuition increased when I did the exercises. Overall, I think my voice is stronger and I no longer dislike hearing my voice; It is still evolving!”

“Rebecca’s voice class was a blast! Her enthusiasm is contagious and she soon had us toning and singing with each other, practicing the exercises, learning to encourage the performer, as well as being a witness. When we challenge our limits and “safe zone”, we can enter a place where we transcend our learned limits and be truly creative, and do things never before considered possible…. Like singing in front of a small, safe, and supportive group! I found myself singing in odd places, practicing for the next class, remembering old songs, chants, mantras, and sacred phrases as the content for my own voicing/toning/singing. I starting singing parts of my conversations, particularly inspired by one of our class mates who made it look easy and classy….which for me was the real magic of the class….new possibilities! Imagine singing instead of shouting during your next argument. It’s hard to be angry when one is singing and harder to take oneself seriously, both good things. The people were great and so was the class!”


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