Benefits of Singing Soul


Your very own voice can be a gift when accessed in a way that heals and makes your entire body, mind and spirit whole. You have a wisdom within your own being to create a sense of peace and comfort in yourself. No singing experience is required, only a willingness to open up to all that you are.

Singing Soul can:

  • Release self consciousness and allow it to be transformed into sound consciousness
  • Release stored emotion that may be frozen in the body
  • Bring your loving of the self and the other into full realization

As you learn to love your voice, and your self, you become a light to your family and community and to the world.

Join me to:

  • Experience one breath one sound
  • Discover the song of your soul
  • Practice The Heart Sutra
  • Sound the Seven Petalled Lotus Mantra
  • Sing The Seven Sounds Of Love

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