Mindful Childbirth



Mindful childbirth allows you to create a calm and relaxed pregnancy and childbirth.

You can learn ways to relax your body and mind that can support you in having a pleasurable experience during pregnancy and the birth of your baby.

With hypnosis you can create a focused and internal awareness. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. You can use the power of your own mind to open to a birth experience that brings you joy whether you birth at home or in a hospital, whether you deliver vaginally or have a cesarean birth.

What if you can experience a pleasurable birth, a blissful birth, a sensual birth? What about discovering the difference between the word “surge” compared to “contraction“? What about changing the language you use when thinking about how you desire the birth of your baby, that can change your experience?

You can learn guided imagery and self hypnosis. You can learn how to envision the birth you desire. You can learn to perceive pain differently. You can learn  how to meet the sensations in your body with openness and expectation. With your thoughts you can release endorphins into your body which are natures natural pain relief.

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