Hypnotherapy Testimonials

“Becky is a healer – an intuitive, joyous wise woman. I started working
with Becky after being diagnosed with ALS. It is a disease where
stress worsens symptoms. Becky helped me heal old woulds and change my
reactivity to mitigate my symptoms. She made a personalized recording
for me to prepare me for surgery. Working with Becky taught me how to
heal myself and feel confident in meeting new challenges. I am forever
grateful to her for connecting me to the wisest, most loving parts of

Erin Espeland


“Before going to Rebecca I was once told that I would have to tolerate my anxiety. Thinking
about all the things that I would have to tolerate for the rest of my life, left me more anxious. I
didn’t want to tolerate my life, I wanted to live it. I came across Rebecca and I was skeptical
but also at the same time expecting a lot because I was desperate. Through her process,
I have learned that anxiety was a sign that I did not have the tools to link deeper unresolved
issues that my mind was trying to deal with. In the months that I have been going, I have conquered old and new fears that have now become my strengths. Instead of speeding through life tolerating it, I now breath and take in the life around me.”

Talena Eckerson

“Rebecca has been supporting my health and wholeness for over ten years now. With her help, I have faced issues of grief and loss, allergies, and weight loss. I have benefited from the full range of services Rebecca offers: a shift in perception via The Course In Miracles, greater expression with Sounding Soul and mantra, new life directions through dream work and hypnotherapy. Her consistent care and expertise have greatly enhanced my everyday living. Thank you Rebecca!”

Barb Lucas
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

“Having never experienced hypnotherapy before visiting with Rebecca, I didn’t know what to expect. I was quickly put at ease by Rebecca’s gentle, loving, and kind manner. She guided me gently on a journey into my own past, helping me to recognize the safety and love that was there all along. I am grateful for her support and her relentless positivism.”
Renee McGrath

“I didn’t really know what to expect from sessions of hypnotherapy, thinking I could never be able to be hypnotized but wanted to see what it was like. I felt completely alert, awake, and in charge of my session time. The hypnosis felt like a guided relaxation exercise. The conversation with Rebecca afterwards was very enlightening for me. I would recommend Rebecca’s work to anyone who is willing to try this method as a way to access inner strength and peace in order to help face the challenges in life.”

Jennifer Knell RN, MA, LCPC 

“My hypnotherapy session with Rebecca Lellek was comfortable and safe. It helped me to put issues in perspective, to focus on what was good and right in my life for which I could be thankful, and to move forward. I would highly recommend Rebecca’s hypnotherapy expertise to deal with physical and emotional issues and everything in-between. Her energy is loving and giving and she comes from the heart without judgement. Everyone has a story and she is able to help you eliminate the charge that is keeping you from experiencing life to the fullest.”

Antara Croft

“This is the voice you want to carry you through your hypnosis experience. Rebecca Lellek is the one to see for professional consultation. My experiences with Rebecca as my guide have been extraordinary. Her professionalism and courtesy are only surpassed by her compassion and integrity.”

Carol Smith CPA

“Thank you so much for all you have done to prepare me for a natural childbirth. With your instruction and listening to my CD you recorded I felt confidant that all would go well!”


“Thank you for teaching the self-hypnosis course! It was a very valuable experience for me and I learned skills that will positively influence my life. I am looking forward to your fall class!”



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