Mindful Childbirth Testimonials

“After deciding I wanted to have a natural birth, the two most important things I did to make that a reality were hiring a doula and attending hypnobirthing sessions with Rebecca. I knew I needed tools that I could use in the delivery room to get me through labor without the use of drugs. Four days after my due date, I ended up being induced, which made those tools Rebecca gave me and the support from her, my doula and my husband in the delivery room that much more important. Childbirth was the most intense experience of my life and I feel very grateful that I spent so much time and effort preparing for a positive outcome. If you want to have the best possible experience in the delivery room or during your home birth or however you decide to bring your baby into the world, do yourself a favor and get to know Rebecca. She is kind, genuine and will help you feel downright amazing during your hypnobirthing sessions. And most importantly, she will provide you with the tools to have your ideal birth experience.”
Alyssa Barnes

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