About Rebecca



“All therapy is release from the past.”

I received my education from the Hypnotism Center of Western Montana with certification through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. It was my passion for the mind-body connection that set me on this path of learning and I am grateful to have the opportunity to use this knowledge to empower others, assisting them in making positive changes in their own lives.

After completing my training as a hypnotherapist I realized I had been using hypnosis in my own way for my entire life. I am the mother of three children, all of whom I gave birth to naturally without the use of anesthesia. I look back on the birth of my children as a profound experience of true empowerment. It gives me great joy to share this discovery with couples who are expecting their own child. Sharing the gift of hypnobirthing is one of my deepest passions.

I have also trained as an Addiction Relapse Prevention Hypnotherapist. The Addiction Project is a specific methodology that looks at addiction from a completely new perspective. The brain of an addict reacts to core beliefs, triggers, and emotional memories that are stored below the conscious awareness. Based on what we now know about the brain, the neuroplasticity, and the biology of belief, I use mind and behavior modification techniques to retrain and recondition the addict at the core unconscious level.

As a mother, teacher, speaker, and active member in my community, I am always looking for ways to bring what is out of balance into balance. I was introduced to The Naked Voice in 2006 and I believe it allows a path to move into our hearts, enabling us to fully experience peace. Singing Soul is a powerful process that allows healing and coming into wholeness using your very own voice. I am a Facilitator of The Naked Voice Graduate.

I have  been a student of The Course In Miracles since 1992. I consider it my purpose in life to witness to the light in others while calling them to remember this light themselves so that they can be who they are created to be.

I believe peace comes in finding joy in the present moment and moving into loving acceptance of what is. When we are able to experience compassion for anything and everything we face, only then are we able to experience balance in our lives.IMG_4203

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